3 Myths about Gambling and Why You Should Not Believe them

Gambling invites a world of trouble. It is addictive, and ruins lives. People spiral out of control when they start gambling.


And as a result, they do not live wholesome lives. Besides financial complications, there is a world of legal ramifications that gambling brings along with it.


Aren’t these some of the statements you have heard on the slightest mention of the term ‘gambling?’ But let us tell you what- these are baseless myths which have little to no truth to them. Of course, gambling could be addictive.


But it is only if you decide to develop it into a habit. You can also run into losses and face legal troubles. However, that is also only when you throw caution to the air and know nothing about managing your resources.


Busting a Few Myths in a Nutshell before We Look at them In Details:


In reality, gambling is one of the best sources of entertainments. It relieves an individual of stress, cuts the mundane of work, and even leaves enough room to make easy money. So, why would you not give this form of entertainment a chance?


As a matter of fact, gambling even has some pearls of life lessons to drop.


There are several things that one can learn by indulging in gambling. For instance, you can learn about optimal resource management. You can learn how to stay focussed, patient and never give up hope in the face of losses. You learn to be more practical and rational.


Therefore, it is important for you to be able to tell a lie from the truth for a wholesome experience. Let us now shine some light on these unfounded gambling myths over the next sections of the article.


Myth #1: Gambling Is Addictive


Let us just do away with this one once and for all. Gambling can be addictive, yes! But not all who gamble end up in rehab.


Neither do all who gamble leave everything and spend all their money and time on it. In all honesty, gambling is only addictive when you decide to develop it into a habit. The control is in your hands.


You can very well decide on the amount of time and money you want to spend over gambling. You can also have a leash on your gambling activities.


There is no reason to frame gambling as the villain who ruins lives. Drinking alcohol is also supposed to be addictive. But does everyone have an alcohol problem?


There are social drinkers and people who enjoy their drinks once in a while. The same holds true for gambling as well. So, there you go! Here is your first gambling myth busted and for good.



Myth #2: Card Counting is Illegal


Contrary to popular opinion, card counting is not really illegal. It depends on the casinos you are playing at. Some casinos keep a weather-eye on their customers and prevent them from counting cards. And do you know why that is?


This is because casinos love to have a higher edge over their customers. But card counting turns the tables on them and puts the customers at a higher edge.


This is the main reason why some casinos deem card counting as an illegal affair. Have a look at this excellent resource to understand the dynamics better.


And if you are curious, note that card counting is a brilliant way to tweak your chances of winning. You can increase your odds and win the round at blackjack.


However, make sure that the casinos do not have much problem with it. Of course, they would not like you to count cards and ruin their chances.


However, make sure that you do not end up in legal complications.


Myth #3: Gambling Is All about Chances


Gambling definitely is about chances, and a lot of it depends on your luck. But that is not all that you need to know.


Gambling, after all, involves numerals and deck of cards, dices and different slots. And it is all a part of the chapter of Probability we learnt in Mathematics.


Many might not be aware of this chapter. However, what we are trying to get at is that gambling involves Maths. And you better know a bit of it to increase your chances.


There are ways to calculate your odds, place your bets and deal your cards. Apply those formulae to your gambling endeavors.


And you shall be pleasantly surprised to find that you have successfully increased your chances of winning.



These were the three most baseless and unfounded myths that one often gets to hear about gambling. There is no reason to believe them and ruin your experience.


Sift through the myths and get to the truth if you want to make the most of gambling. It is not a difficult task. You only need to dig around a bit and get to the truth!

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