Adrian Younge’s 5 favourite film scores

Adrian Younge is clearly a very busy man – not content with composing film scores, being an entertainment law professor and running a record store in LA he has also found time to produce records for the likes of Delfonics, Ghostface Killah and most recently, Souls of Mischief – yet thankfully he has found the time to grace Bonafide with his 5 favourite film scores.


Curtis Mayfield – Super Fly

This is a landmark blaxploitation soundtrack that had a positive message and served as the basis for many future hip hop productions.


Air – Virgin Suicides

One of the best psychedelic and progressive albums within the last twenty years.


Bill Conti – Rocky

Sadly slept on album that has a ton of breaks and excellent composition.


Francis Lai – Love Story

Another slept on album that shows the synthesis between ‘70s funk and classical European cinematic music.


Ennio Moriccone – Metti Una Sera A Cena

Morricone has scored over 500 films and this is one of his finest pieces.


There Is Only Now, a collaborative LP with Souls of Mischief featuring Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg is out August 27th, read Bonafide’s interview with Souls of Mischief here.

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