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Al Dobson Jr x Bonafide Beats #82

We profiled the south London soul jazz renaissance in our last issue of the magazine, zoning in specifically on the burgeoning 22a label which is home to a handful of bright young talents, among them Al Dobson Jr.

Alongside Mo Kolours, Tenderlonius and more, Al has helped bring jazz, a genre that has oft been maligned as being stuffy and too high brow, into more accessible territory, introducing it to a whole new audience of young music lovers by merging it with a big wad of south London soul.

He’s recently returned to Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section International label for Volumes II and III in his Rye Lane series following the first volume in 2014, which also happened to be the label’s inaugural release. A sprawling 28 track record, Volumes II and III are a window into the creative mind of ADJ, something that is also reflected in his mix for Bonafide with a bunch of household jazz names sitting side by side with lesser known producers.

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Bob James – Valley of the Shadows
Al Dobson Jr – Much Love
Ramp – Look Into The Sky
Mind & Matter – No One Else Can Do It To Me Baby
Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind Pt2
Omas Edits – Untitled
Atlantic Starr – Second To None
Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me
Cannonball Adderley – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Untitled – Jr Sounds
Ghalib Ghalib – School Days
Jr Stable – Dubplate
Wendell Harrison – Dreams Of A Love Supreme

Al Dobson Jr plays at Gottwood Festival in June. More info here.

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