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Bastien Keb x Bonafide Beats #98

A jack of all trades and a master of none, so goes the common expression for someone who tries their hand at too many things to middling success.

Such a statement could certainly not be directed at Bastien Keb, whose masterful blend of borrowed or donated instruments, from guitar, trumpet and bass, to drums, piano and flute results in beautifully soulful, avant garde and psychedelic music.

Layering and pitching his voice to warm and fuzzy effect, his debut album Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou subtly nudged itself into public consciousness in 2015 with an endearing mix of downbeat anti-ballads, off-centre instrumentals and warped funk.

Alongside Luv*Jam, Bastien will be appearing at Gottwood Festival this year, and to honour that occasion he’s put together a typically diverse mix that goes all the way from Princess Nokia to Bob Marley.

Check it below.

Gap Mangione – Diana in the Autumn Wind
Leon Thomas – Um Um Um
Princess Nokia – Green line
Igor Savin – Florianna (Edit)
Lucio Fulci Zombie Theme
Bastien Keb – Younger
Bob Marley and The Wailers – Fussing and Fighting
Ronnie Boykins – The will come, is now
M’BOOM – Side 1
Silvio Foretić – Inter-ludium
Bob Marley and The Wailers – Stand Alone
Bastien Keb – Wassup
The Racoones – Outro Theme
Daniel Johnston – I’m Nervous

Bastien Keb performs at Gottwood Festival this year. Grab your tickets over here.

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