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Bonafide leak exclusive new Stig Of The Dump track, All In Blind

Named after the classic children’s book, Stig Of The Dump is an uncompromising character. The Lewis Recordings artist is larger than life both in his demeanour and his bars, so when we stumbled across a leak of new track All In Blind, taken from his forthcoming album Kubrick, we couldn’t resist to share it with the world.

Now we at Bonafide aren’t ones to test our readers’ moral compasses, but we’d be lying if we didn’t grow up in an age of BitTorrent and LimeWire on dial up systems – illegal downloading is in our blood. And when the music is this dope, with lines like “I can count the rappers that i rate on my left hand.. none/ son I’ll paint a picture like I’m Rembrandt”, then how could we help?

We have uploaded Stig’s new track track onto WeTransfer here, and we’ll leave the rest to you… just don’t tell Stig. Or if you have a guilty conscience, just press play below.

And in case you now think that we’re just some internet pirates promoting the illegal sharing of music, go and check Stig’s (legit) Bandcamp page over here.

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