Catch Legendary Rapper KRS In London and Manchester this November.

There aren’t many, if any, MC’s that have been in the game for over 30 years and still perform with the same ferocity and intensity as Lawrence Parker aka KRS-One.

We remember him stalking around the Jazz Cafe stage on a Friday few years back, with his giant frame, the crowd hanging off every word that he spat into the mic. You could tell that he hadn’t lost one iota of the burning passion that has been lit since 1985.

Sweating out of every pore, he went on extended freestyles, riffing off people in the crowd and also running through his deep reservoir of classic tunes.

Photo by James Kelly

“You are going to encounter a man who has sincerely sought to develop a relevant, honest and contemporary interpretation of world history, culture, religion, and philosophy. In many ways, his work actually rests in the tradition of great thinkers like W.E.B. DuBois, Carter Woodsen, and John Henrik Clarke, men who have sought to develop a cultural veil through which to interpret the seeming insanity of America. “

This month you will have the chance to witness this raw energy for themselves as he takes to the mic in London’s Koko on the 26th but not before he visits Manchester’s Blues Kitchen on the 21st and 22nd.

Get your ticks below:

Koko, London 26th November Tickets

Blues Kitchen, Manchester, 21st November Tickets

Blues Kitchen, Manchester, 22nd November Tickets

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