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Chairman Maf picks his Favourite 5 Weird Films

Chairman Maf‘s cinematic hip hop has been soundscaping many a beat head’s headphones for a few years now (The Source highlighted his ‘quiet genius’), and his latest album combines live instrumentation and a host of film samples.

Knowing he’s a sucker for movies of the out-there variety, we asked him to grace us with a list of his favourite five weird-ass films.

Approach with caution… and get your pre-order in for the vinyl edition of the album below.

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My new 12 track instrumental album BUTTERNUT is a psychedelic mash up of melodic soundscapes full of Asian flavour and gospel, with a healthy dose of slapping drums and bass – available now on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. 

I’ve always been obsessed with weird films since I was a kid, mostly because they’re made by weird people that inspire me. The films listed here may not be the ultimate weird films… but they’re my favourites. 


I watched this at the cinema in the 90s after a weekend of heavy raving and it stayed with me for months, years even.

Eraserhead may be the more known of David Lynch‘s films but this messed with my head the most. I also sampled this on Dirty Dike’s ‘Alcoholic Tosser’ track.


White man’s head transplanted onto Black man’s body – much hilarity ensues including sex scenes and a motorbike chase that is unbelievable.

This film would never have got made today!


Documentary about underground self loathing cartoonist Robert Crumb. You thought your family was weird, wait until you meet Robert’s brothers. 


I don’t really know how to describe this movie, maybe just watch the trailer (trigger warning, there are people humping trash in it). 


This film takes the surreal universe of Tim & Eric / Vic & Bob and takes it up a few levels of weird.

It’s both genius and complete rubbish. It’s about everything and nothing (mostly nothing).

I don’t even know if i like it or hate it. Very weird.

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