Check Out this Insta Dedicated to Raps About Food

In amongst the millions of time wasting detours posted online every day, once in a while there’s something that pops up and brings a smile to our faces.

The other day in the Bonafide office, that smile was courtesy of Big Rap Cookbook, a group of connoisseurs delivering you up tasty food rap content straight to your… feed.

Curious to know every food bar contained in Action Bronson‘s Blue Chips 7000?
Look no further.

Interested in a vibrant Brazilian fish stew recipe from international man of mystery Chemo?
Look no further.

The first printed edition, featuring recipes from rappers on both sides of the Atlantic, is expected to drop later this year. But for the moment keep yourself up to satiated with these bar sized morsels.

Some of them are classics and will have you running down the next bars in your head. Some of the more obscure ones are downright weird to read written down. The best ones really make you aware of how hungry you are right now.

Go get something to eat while you scroll through Instagram like the slovenly omnivore that you are.









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