Cosmin TRG’s 5 favourite rave tracks

Cosmin TRG’s brand of techno is tough, brittle and to the point, essentially everything that techno should be. Over the year he has found homes on Monkeytown, Hessle Audio, his own Fizic and 50 Weapons, with whom he’s released a stack of quality releases. Last Friday saw the 50Weapons finale show at The Warehouse Project, an emotional occasion all round. To honour the end of the storied label, Cosmin has rewound right back to the beginning to select his five favourite rave tracks going right back to day one. In his own words:

‘My first ever rave was in a warehouse. Everything after that intense experience had to live up to the warehouse standard. I carry that mix of freedom, excitement, hedonism, escapism and curiosity everywhere music takes me. Here are a few records that bring back memories of strobes, reverberated basslines, fog, smiling strangers and the rush of something new.’


Surgeon – Atol
It’s impossible to find the perfect dance track, but if such a task were upon me, there would be hope in the shape of Surgeon’s Atol. The message is delivered loud and clear by a simple synth hook, while drum machines drive the whole thing along changing tone and colour. What an excellent, timeless record that will always work in any environment – although this is of course best enjoyed in a huge warehouse at peak time.


Ø [Phase] – Obscura A1
I paid ridiculous Discogs money to get my hands on this one a while ago, and while an updated version of it has recently come out on Token Records, I still don’t regret that impulse buy. It comes from a different era when you would write, produce, record, master, cut the record yourself and then get some artwork done yourself, which is what happened with this record.


Quadrant – Infinition
This is a track which many may not directly associate with a dark, boomy warehouse, but imagine those synths coming in as the lights come on and the you feel the energy surging through the room.


Modeselektor – Kill Bill Vol. 4
This one even has a built-in warehouse field recording. It’s hard to top that. Anyone who’s ever seen Modeselektor play live had undoubtedly witnessed this track explode at peak time in their set.


Donato Dozzy – Fazah
The elegant simplicity of Donato’s work is unrivalled. This track does a lot with very little as it’s bass line grips you and doesn’t let go. Hypnotic warehouse fare at its best.

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