Elsy Wameyo – Sinner

Portraits: Holyziner

Elsy Wameyo‘s Sinner is the result of a crisis of faith.

Elsy was born in Nairobi, and now bases herself in Adelaide where she’s gained a growing following after six awards at the annual South Australian Music Awards. She produces, sings and raps a fusion of hip-hop and gospel, her 2022 debut EP Nilotic seeing her forge her initial sonic identity.

But touring was tough – an exhausted Elsy became disillusioned with her creative path. She now returns by channelling this feeling into Sinner, explaining:

“Introspecting brought light to a darkness I never wanted to unveil, the consequences of a munificent heart that had nothing left to give. My spirit man asleep exposed me to a world that very quickly incapacitated me physically and spiritually. I became a product of my environment and gave in to my flesh, embracing the wickedness and ignorance of its existence. I chose me. I understood that light shines brightest in the dark, so the more I wandered, the closer I would be to returning. Life will forever be a fight between the good and the bad. I call it the sinner’s condition. In the end, only the strong will survive.”

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