Favourite 5

Eva Lazarus’ Favourite 5 Afro Hair Anthems

Portrait: Khali Ackford

Well known amongst various musical subcultures across the UK, Eva Lazarus has recently released her sophomore album Brandy Kisses.

The album beautifully shows off the versatility she’s already known for, having worked with the likes of Swindle, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Gardna, Benny Page and Zed Bias. A key message of the album is standing in your own beauty, and with this in mind Eva has compiled a list of songs celebrating Afro hair.

Everything about this list is Black and proud and taking up space and it’s what speaks to me about celebrating self in music. Every time I hear Black artists’ messages of empowerment it sparks pride and joy in me and so I wanted to be that for someone. I wrote How Am I Looking? to celebrate and empower. Here are some other songs that sit in that same world.

Cantu – Aminé

The first time I heard this I laughed a lot. The delivery is perfection. The outro on this by Ricky Thompson is also solid gold. 

Don’t Touch My Hair – Solange

Iconic stand-out moment in Black culture. This song really captured the mood and the moment and has opened alot of transformational conversations around Black hair.

Wash & Set – Leikeli47

The energy that a lot of Leikeli47’s songs hold is very focused on Black women and the Black experience and this song is no different. All about long hair extensions, the beauty supply store, the type of hair you can buy. I love it & her.

Black hair – Piff Marti

Black hair is political without doing anything other than growing out of the scalp. This short song captures that and with a gorgeous sample at the end from Bristol’s own Mena Fombo.

Coconut Oil  – KIRBY

Black woman beauty experience with a soulful disco production, vocal oozes confidence, a real feel good fun 2 mins of music.

Eva Lazarus’ album, Brandy Kisses, is out now.