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Favourite 5: Apifera’s Album Influences

Main image: Ben Kirschenbaum

A Stones Throw supergroup of sorts, the four musicians behind Apifera (whose debut album, Overstand, is out now on the Los Angeles-based label) have worked together on Rejoicer‘s releases as well as with Slave legend Steve Arrington on his recent LP, Down To The Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions.



Rejoicer himself, Yuvi Havkin, plays keys in the band, joined by fellow keys player Nitai Hershkovits, bassist Yonatan Albalak, and drummer Amir Bresler.

The album serves as a similar-vein accompaniment to the equally-as gorgeously chilled Originalitos from Frankie Reyes, which came out on Stones Throw at the end of last year.



The band’s latest single is The Pit and The Beggar. Check out a live version here:



Drummer Amir has hand picked five influential tracks for the band and the making of the Overstand album – check them below. Buy the LP from Stones Throw or Bandcamp.


Amir Bresler’s Favourite 5 Apifera Influences

Portrait: Ron Kedmi

‘Manifold De Amour’ – Latin Playboys

Beautiful special tune by Latin Playboys. Soulful bass lines.

‘Rain Dance’ – Herbie Hancock

Long psychedelic tune full of synths and acoustic instruments.

‘Rockers Delight’ – Jah Shaka

Beautiful minimal trio super meditative style. Very special for me because it’s a piano trio playing instrumental reggae.

‘New York Counterpoint for Clarinet and Tape: I. Fast’ – Steve Reich, Sebastian Manz & Martin Klett

Modern classical music with very interesting parts and unique sound.

‘Until The Colours Come’ – Flying Lotus

One of my short ambiance favourites, beautiful ideas and synth with deep sound.


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