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Favourite 5: Bastien Keb Pulls Out His Top Film Scores

Bastien Keb‘s latest LP, The Killing Of Eugene Peeps, is the soundtrack to an imagined film – an ode to Giallo, seventies crime flicks and French new wave cinema.

It’s a trip into anti-ballad territory and an opportunity for Keb to pick his guitar back up, as well as trumpet, bass, piano, drums, flute and more.

Spoken word and layered vocals are enriched by collaborations with Nottingham’s finest Cappo, narrator Kenneth Viota, Camille Limoges and Claudia Kane. Keb mixed down the LP with Goetz Botzenhardt, who’s worked on music for Madonna, Doctor Who, Under The Skin, Bjork and Pet Shop Boys.

Rabbit Hole is the latest single from the album – check visuals for that before moving on to a tight selection of film scores from Bastien Keb below.


Taxi Driver – Bernard Herrmann

The greatest of all time, film and score. The musical embodiment of loneliness and disillusionment.

It’s beautifully recorded too. The story of the recording wrapping and Scorsese getting him to go back to write and record one big chord is great too.

The French Connection – Don Ellis

I like orchestral music with dissonance, and this is great for that. And the mad loud trebly guitar that cuts in.

The score always reminds me of the original Mad Max score, all gnarly and abrasive. And Don Ellis was always good for fucking with shit and making it a little weird. This score is sorta scary which I like, and mad intense.

Under The Skin – Mica Levi

I was already a Micachu and The Shapes fan. The stuff they did with the London Sinfonietta Orchestra was crazy and I loved it.

I like that the score wasn’t just loads of mad weird synths making other worldly drones to represent the aliens. It was other worldly but organic as well. And the theme Death is one of the all time great film score theme, stays in your head and feels like nothing you’ve heard before, just seems like it from another planet. Her later scores for Momos and Jackie are dope too, orchestral scores with an eerie underbelly.

Lift to the Scaffolds – Miles Davis

I loved the track Générique, then found out it was from a film. The whole film is just mad vibey, you get lost in it, it’s a haze.

The film looks amazing and Jeanne Moreau is great too. The whole score being written and recorded in a day just shows how amazing Miles Davis was too.

Assault on Precinct 13 – John Carpenter

John Carpenter’s scores have always been crazy good. I love the main theme on this, I think when I first saw the first as a kid I was into rock music and hated synths, but the main theme is so badass I think it got me into synths.

Notable mentions:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Jon Brion
Psycho – Bernard Herrmann
Suspiria – Goblin


Buy The Killing Of Eugene Peeps on vinyl, CD and digital from Bandcamp.

Portrait: Natalia Rowley

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