First Look: Wu-Wear returns after 10 years

With WTC’s most infamous opus, Enter the 36 Chambers, and indeed most classic hip-hop albums, approaching their quarter-century anniversary, we’re now at peak nostalgia for the golden-age of the 90s rap scene.

To mark 25 years in the game, Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and Power have teamed up with Live Nation to bring back key Wu-Wear garms. Says Power; “with the classics of 36 Chambers banging in your ear, it is only right that we bring you back to the basics with classics that you can wear.”

Despite discontinuing Wu-Wear in 2008, WTC were pathfinders in merging the business of hip-hop with fashion.

The collection will feature re-releases of classic designs as well as contemporary pieces and is due to be unveiled during a Las Vegas trade show this week, with pieces going into production for the 2017 Christmas period. The full fashion line will be rolled out in time for the 25th anniversary year in Spring/Summer 2018.

Peep the first t-shirt and hoodie designs below…


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