Doodling Gangsters by Gangster D

If you’re anything like us, you probably hate offices. Sterile lights, compact cubicles, stale air, Mon-Fri, 9-5. But unlike me, whose only rebellious act to the corporate environment is the excessive printing of memes, Marlon Sassy, aka Gangster Doodles makes incredible—and humorous—art out of common office supplies.

Working as an office manager, Gangster D would use whatever was lying around — post-it notes, highlighters, sharpies—and doodle at work, often with a Word Doc ready to be pulled up if someone walks past.

The drawings are simple and wittily accurate, slaying with his ball point pen in a similar style his favourite subjects would lyrically. Our favourites? Malib and Lord Quas, Pootie Tang and A$AP Yams.

Get the complete volume.

Images via Ganster Doodles.

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