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Homeboy Sandman X Bonafide Beats #39

When Bonafide TV interviewed Homeboy Sandman in Manchester the lasting impression was of an inquisitive and humble cat. Over the course of our chat he enthused not only about hip-hop but all types of music, bemoaned the death of subcultures and dropped knowledge on science fiction novels.

So, when it came to getting Homeboy Sandman behind the decks for Bonafide Beats, we knew we’d be going somewhere different. Cued up as part of Record Store Day, we asked the New York native to delve into his record bag and pick out gems that reflected his musical interests. Effectively we got an installment that we’ve dubbed Long Island Discs. With Kirsty Young, the jazz cut, crying birds and crashing waves, shelved in favour of Homeboy Sandman, beats, guitar licks and the sounds of now.

Broken into four parts it’s presented as guide to his musical passions and influences. After each set our driver takes us through the tracks one-by-one discussing particular beats, dropping interesting vignettes and generally being an amiable host. The journey begins with Homeboy Sandman’s own My Brothers. Taken from his excellent new Kool Herc; Fertile Crescent EP, the track marries rock sounds and hip-hop with a punk aesthetic. He then delves into the unworldly material of fellow NYCers Cannibal Ox and Stones Throw label mates Chrome Canyon pulsating Legends, which, in Homeboy Sandman’s own words, is ‘Flash Gordon’. Other highlights are Dilla’s urbane Rico Suave Bossanova, Blu’s Classyman and Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. The latter track bookends the mix and, we are told, has a baseline ripe for a rap record. Homeboy Sandman’s enthusiasm for this idea cannot fail to put a big smile on the listeners face.

Homeboy Sandman x Bonafide Beats, an education in how to love music.
Watch out interview with Homeboy below and check the video to his new single, Peace & Love, here.

My Brothers – Homeboy Sandman
Classy Man – Blu
Jeff Waz on the Beatbox – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
Scream Phoenix – Cannibal Ox
Legends – Chrome Canyon
Lonely People – Homeboy Sandman
Need A Knot – Brother Ali
Rico Suave Bossanova – J Dilla
Smarten Up – I Am Many
Hard Times – Blu
The Note – 8TH W1
Ojala – Silvio Rodriguez
Peace & Love – Homeboy Sandman
Safety Dance – J Dilla
We Are Here – I Am Many
Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

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