Introducing: Black Josh

Part of Manchester’s Levelz crew who recently won the Manchester Culture Clash award, and who are characterised by their hype and party mentality, Black Josh by contrast is a pretty unassuming and laid back rapper.

Originally gaining YouTube popularity through his jovial video for Paul Scholes and song with The Mouse Outfit, Air Max, he’s developed into one of the UK’s brightest stars with a unique delivery that sits in between grime’s fervent flow and hip-hop’s more lackadaisical delivery. He’s working with more unconventional producers too, teaming up with Astral Black’s Drae Da Skimask on recent track Yung Ratchet.

Josh makes his next live appearance alongside Foreign Beggars and Eva Lazarus at our London home, The Jazz Cafe on Friday. Grab your tickets here, and you can check the video for his new track, Sleepless, produced by Jakarta Records’ FloFilz, below.

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