Introducing: Cadenza

West London artist Cadenza is doing pretty well. Still only 25 years old, the producer has already released on premier electronic labels Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold, and has spent much of the past year touring the world as a new member of Diplo’s Major Lazer’s live show.

A dynamic and exciting prospect, we had a chat with Cadenza regarding his fledgling career, and you can listen to his new single When Will I Stop Dreaming featuring Kiko Bun and one of our favourite MC’s Loyle Carner, preveiwed below.

Your productions are pretty across the board – how did your diverse upbringing help with establishing such a unique sound?
Growing up in my house there was music coming from the upstairs studio all day. Either my father was playing his selection of roots and rocksteady or my brother would be mixing jungle, garage and everything in between. So in that sense i was exposed to the heritage as well as the more current trends. It’s interesting because as I have got older i find myself having these moments of déjà vu where I recognise records which I don’t know, and then I realise it would have been something I heard as a kid at home but didn’t take any notice of. That’s the thing with music – you sort of learn by osmosis without being aware of it.

You have one foot in the grime scene – what do you make of all the cross-pollination with the US at the moment?
I think it’s great to know that a style and sound that is so UK can be appreciated by a whole other audience. I was at SXSW last week and watched Skepta at the Fader Fort and towards the end the crowd really took to it. The less divisions there are within genres is only going to help create more interesting collaborations and sounds.

What made you want to start a label at such an early point in your career?
Even though my main focus is as a producer, I have been involved in A&R for a while. A few years back I worked in Los Angeles for Mad Decent and then back in London i was an A&R scout for Dummy Records. Personally, I get just as excited about making my own music as I do finding new artists/producers and sharing it with people. Plus, when you are actively looking out for new talent for a label, it naturally feeds into your work as a producer because you come across people that you are a fan of and really want to work with.

We see that you’re working with Loyle Carner who we’re also big fans of – could you tell us a bit more about that project?
Loyle and I connected through Kiko Bun. Me and Kiko were at my studio working on his album and I told him to bring Loyle down for a day. Kiko had laid this hook down already and when we showed it to Loyle he jumped on it straight away and that was how we made When Will I Stop Dreaming. We have one other track in the works right now so will hopefully be able to share it soon.

You can buy Cadenza’s single Electric Blocks (feat. Fem Fel) over on iTunes here.

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