Introducing: Jeen Bassa

Something has been stirring in south London. Between Bradley Zero’s cult Rhythm Section party, Rye Wax and Paul White there has been an emergence of a core of afro leaning jazz artists in the form of fledgling label 22a.

Made up of Mo Kolours, Henry Wu, Al Dobson Jr and brothers Tenderlonious and Reginald Omas Mamode IV, there’s an overwhelmingly care-free attitude that runs through all of 22a’s work. This is not least the case with Jeen Bassa, who is also a sibling of Reginald and Tenderlonious, and whose album All My People from earlier in the year typified the breezy nature of the label, with its layers of languid grooves and resolutely DIY instrumentation.

With soft vocals, scruffy drums and lo-fi recording techniques, Bassa’s work feeds into a similar lineage to Kenny Dixon Jr and his own fondness for jazzy grooves and off-kilter soul. Check his recent radio show for Balamii to get more of a flavour for what has become south London’s staple sound.

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