Introducing: READER

READER makes music with a purpose. In her own words “It makes me feel connected and gives me a place to be completely honest.”

The singer and multi instrumentalist’s debut EP Change The Weather is a convincing example that she ain’t lying. Through four distinctive tracks, READER weaves a net of hazy reflection, dredged through a pool of down-tempo grit and deft melancholic echo.



We all know that genres are irritating demarcations. They are floppy PVC walls that have become increasingly unhelpful as contemporary sounds transmute across  the warp and weft of creativity and production technology.

So let’s just say that READER keeps it needle sharp as she sews together strands of divergent influence – ending up with something more cerebral than the catchall ‘alt-pop’ label that will no doubt be applied to her.

The EP’s title track features vocals from unboxable grime legend Trim and is accompanied by appropriately stylised visuals – recently premiered by our friends at Wordplay.



Working with man about town The Last Skeptik as co producer, Change the Weather is a strong initial offering from someone who has a lot to say and is certain about how she wants it said. At points it even seems oddly over-polished for a debut release. Nonetheless, her sultry tones convey a raw emotion presented with elegant poise. It’s a balance that’s rarely achieved this early.

At the end of the day, if this is what READER’s honesty sounds like, then we’re eager to hear more.


Change the Weather is out now on Thanks for Trying Records


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