Introducing: Villain Park

You could call it arrogance, or impunity, or the care-free attitude of youth, but there’s something very refreshing about LA’s rising hip-hop quartet Villain Park (made up of Smokey V, kilaM, Niftee, and Classicko).

With a style that’s unashamedly 90’s-aping (if you were going to ape any period, it would be the 90s after all), the crew have been producing high quality boom-bap jams since early since 2012. It’s with their new EP Same Ol Shit where they’ve really stepped their game up though, with their technical skill and production values taking on an added level of quality.

Their youthful spirit is infectious, and their output to this point has been ear-grabbingly good. Listen to Same Ol Shit below (it’s free to download from their SoundCloud page too), and watch the video for Brain Cells here.

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