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[ K S R ] : 5 Artists That Influenced Me

From bubbling in Manchester the past few years to now making waves nationally and beyond through his signing to First Word Records, the young and soulful [ K S R ] steps into the limelight with his latest EP. Purchase the digital and vinyl on Bandcamp here.

My third EP, [ P E A C E + H A R M O N Y ], is a collection of my thoughts and experiences from my journey throughout the last two years of my life.

Lots of aspects of my life changed over 24 months, along with everyone around the globe. When we were thrown into the unknown at the start of 2020, I stepped away from music for a while as I couldn’t find any peace in my creativity  and needed to evolve.

I finally started to feel cohesive with my songwriting and music, and I could feel harmony between myself and my art once again.” 

Michael Jackson – P.Y.T

1 ) My parents’ influence has come via Michael, essentially the soundtrack to my childhood, showing me all of Quincy Jones productions, blasting it around the house all through the week! 

D’Angelo – Really Love 

2 ) My teacher at secondary school showed me him, she was the head of choir and said I should listen to his lyrics and how he uses his melodies that intertwine with them. 

Etta Bond – NGAF

3 ) Prior to ever even getting to know Etta I started to listen to her way back in 2015 with her track Seen and Never Heard.

Her honesty within her writing is what made me gravitate towards her music and I think is why my lyrics are so personal and open. 

Miguel – Pussy Is Mine 

4 ) In his own right an artist that has essentially influenced the whole scene, the album All I Want Is You is was my first listening of his music and sonically just didn’t make sense to me – how one artist can create an album that takes you on a journey from the first second of the first song, Sure Thing, which sets the tone for the whole record.  

Matt Corby – New Day Coming 

5 ) During college while studying music a friend showed me his work and then invited me to go and see him live and he just blew me away.

His live vocal skills are untouchable, sounded even better than his mixed and mastered records which then caused me to put in the work on my live vocals rather than just perfecting my studio work.