Bonafide Beats

Kotchy X Bonafide Beats #09

Having grown up on the mean streets of South Woodford, a sleepy suburb of East London, my friends and I plagiarised all types of funky colloquialisms from the rude boys and girls of nearby grime hot spots like Leyton and Bow. One of the most popular and general good-times term of the time was ‘kotch’, an expression that can loosely be defined as ‘to relax’, in both the noun (‘to kotch, and play Street Fighter’) and adjective ‘kotching’.

Near namesake and Brooklyn based producer Kotchy might not be a name familiar with many UK heads yet, but with a list of official remixes for the likes of Tricky, Wiley, Fischerspooner and collaborations with Mike Slott and Starkey it surely won’t be long till the producer’s infectious blend of rnb, electronic and hip-hop will be celebrated this side of the Atlantic, too.

After a spate of singles, remixes and inclusion on last year’s excellent North/South/East/West album/art project sophomore album Two sees the producer living up to the blog-hype he received in 2010. A drummer by trade, Two also sees the multi-instrumentalist taking to crooning. Embracing a more populist sound than the electronic -Dillaesque hip-hop that categorised earlier releases and many of his peers productions, Two is a fecund listen crossing and mocking genres; rock, pop, rnb, dance and more with Kotchy coming off like an emo Pharrell.

His selection for Bonafide is a short and eclectic one featuring tracks by the likes of Duke Ellington, Saul Williams and original productions by the man himself. Imaginative and expertly mixed #09 is the perfect mix to kotch to.

Duke Ellington with Charles Mingus and Max Roach – Fleurette Africaine
Kotchy – Moody Joel (mashup…ish)
unknown Bata drumming, if someone knows, pls hit me up!
Luv n’ Liv (Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)
Saul Williams – PG
Bluebrain – Funny Business
Reanimators – Toxic Bird Cage
unknown Bata drumming, if someone knows, pls hit me up!
Electrik Red – P Is For Power
Deuse Gangsta – Sexy Animal
La Formule Du Baron – Cha Tatch Ka
Kotchy – Good Luck (BD1982 Remix)
Beasts of Eden – Malou (Kotchy Remix)
Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
Twista – Do Wrong
Kotchy – Getaway

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