Label Round-Up: Def Pressé Focus On The Dead, Evil and Ha Chu

UK label Def Pressé enjoys underground notoriety, but persistent radio plays for the likes of Pan Amsterdam are likely to ruin this sooner or later. Here’s a couple of things they have on the boil right now:

The Dead Can Rap is Mike Ladd (Paris) and Remi Rough (London). Their album is a reflection of rap life for those over 40 and navigates politics, zombies, spirituality and more. Here’s the single Imitations, with Open Mike Eagle. Pre order the album, out December 11 – there’s an art book, too.

Homepage portrait: Michelle Morgan
Main page illustration: Jason System

Toni Sauna has a new track out for Hallowe’en, and how many of us can say that? The Evil EP (because what else would you call and EP in 2020?), is out November 27. As the label say, Evil-Toni is “at your door, gyrating like some un-exorcised demon-filled child, climbing the ceiling and casually rapping in abstract-tongues, casting indecipherable spells.” The single Evil is out this Friday.


And finally, the beautiful, anti-industry work of art that is Ha Chu, Pan Amsterdam‘s second LP, is out right now. It contains skits including excerpts from an interview he and I conducted in Manchester’s Chinatown while he was touring his debut album, The Pocket Watch.

The LP also features Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, Jimmy Goodwin of Doves under the pseudonym Coup Diablo, Malik Ameer of Madison Washington, GUTS and Iggy Pop.

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