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The Last Skeptik’s Favourite 5 Things That Are Bad For You…

Rapper/producer The Last Skeptik returns with a new single and EP (the latter expected to drop in August), inspired by the feeling of falling in love with someone who’s probably not right for you… but you can’t help yourself. Watch No Good Mess below, and stream/download here.

In keeping with that theme, he’s selected his favourite five things that are bad for you that you end up doing anyway. Hit play on the video below and read on to learn some lessons.


Putting more condiments on food than the food itself

The only reason to eat, tbh.

Falling in love

Literally the WORST thing you can do in the world, but despite all the fuckery and bullshit it ends up helping you get some pathos-ish stories you can tell people while listening to some sad music in a bar somewhere.

Rewatching every Sandra Bullock movie including The Net

I don’t know why I do it but trust me, it’s worth it every single time. The Net is real life.

Doom scrolling

Reading replies on Twitter from racist wankers just gets me angry but damn it, I do it anyway.

Same shit with comments on YouTube.

Stay out past 4am

Trust me mate, no good shit happens after, like, 2.

So why the hell are you still in this dwindling house party at 4am??

Are you mad bro?

Yea. Apparently I am.

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