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Video Premiere: Laughta – Ain’t The Same

Trailblazing British-Lebanese rapper and producer Laughta launches new single Ain’t The Same, a celebration of her diverse background ahead of her 2024 EP release.

“For the longest time, I’ve kept my music and my culture kinda in their own lanes, you know – being a Lebanese woman, rapping and producing music, well, that’s not exactly the typical path, you know? But when I was working on my upcoming EP, it was like a magical discovery for me, I could blend my musical roots with my heritage, and it was like the universe was giving me a wink. Instruments like the Oud, Ney & Darbuka started dancing alongside my beats, and Arabic lyrics flowed naturally through my verses, telling stories of my cultural roots and my adventures.

“It’s not just about creating cool tunes; it’s about strengthening my connection to my origins, my heritage, and embracing who I truly am. It’s a celebration of all the beautiful diversity out there.”

As well as supporting new music with spots on BBC Radio 1’s Soundsystem and her Laughta Gas show on Reprezent Radio (where she has a commitment to feature at least 50% women and non-binary artists), she became the first woman to secure a weekly music producer residency with Serato earlier this year. Her passion for encouraging more women to venture into music production has led her to conduct producer masterclasses in partnership with Roland at Metropolis studio, along with collaborations with LCCM, Family in MusicWomen in CTRL, and more

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