Full Stream Ahead: Stimulator Jones Unveils New Album, La Mano


Stones Throw alumni Stimulator Jones has unveiled the brand new album, La Mano – out today and available for a full-stream (bottom).




The sophomore LP arrives via Oslo-based imprint Mutual Intentions.  13 tracks that travel from Kingston’s bustling yards to serene Parisienne walkways with Jone’s hands working overtime between keys, guitars, drums and wind instruments.

The album’s title La Mano (Spanish for ‘the hand’) is also the statement of intent here. Everything you hear is the result of sounds created by the fair hand of the artist himself (and the odd collaborator). No samples, no programmed drums. A novel and refreshing approach in the age of heavily sampled beats and laptop music creation.


” I was aiming to create a certain atmosphere that was inspired by all the jazz, funk, blues, boogaloo, Latin, fusion, dub reggae, and psychedelic music that I loved – all filtered through a kind of hip hop sensibility in the form of a hypnotic trance-inducing collection of rhythms and textures. The concept was to create these sounds on instruments myself with my own hands.  Not relying on samples of other people’s hands. There was some looping and chopping involved in the construction of the tracks, but the source material was my own recordings of myself and not other people’s records. Everyone’s hands feel a certain way and touch things in a certain, unique way, especially when it comes to how people play musical instruments. “La Mano” is the sound and feeling of my hands.”

Stimulator Jones


Originally discovered through the iconic Stones Throw camp,  Jones announced his arrival with the excellent debut LP Exotic Worlds & Masterful Treasures in 2018. On that album, he merged traditional beat-making craft with his own voice. This time those vocal cords take a rest in favour of a broad range of gorgeously warm, grooving and soulful multi-instrumentation.

This will be on loop for a good few weeks at Bonafide.  Listen to the full stream of La Mano, below.




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