Maddalena Ghezzi & Maria Chiara Argirò – Land Briefly

Gorgeous soundscapes abound with Land Briefly, taken from Emerald, the fourth EP in a series entitled Minerals from Maddalena Ghezzi.

This EP, cited as a sci-fi feminist release, features pianist, synth player, composer and producer Maria Chiara Argirò.

land briefly, inspired by the movie Another Earth, is the only track with lyrics: “In the red line, at the horizon, above the waves of clouds, I know you live. Parallel. Yellow into orange. Treehouse in the sky.”

The lyrics were written on a plane at sunset – Ghezzi explains the clouds below looked like dark waves and only the horizon was lit up with yellows and oranges, evoking the feeling of a parallel universe.

To invite her audiences into this sci-fi feminist world, Ghezzi has created a Spotify playlist and YouTube visual playlist.

Stream and buy the Emerald EP on Bandcamp now.