Bonafide magazine #03 – Stones Throw guest cover


Bonafide is produced by people who care. It’s crafted outside of our 9-5s as something that we’d like to read and know there are a loads of people out there who like it too. Our aim is simple; provide original coverage on where hip-hop has been, is at and where it’s heading. For issue 03 DaM FunK and co. are here to set our musical, artistic and fashion frequencies to 2010 and beyond.

For this issue we some how managed to convince one of our favourite, and modern music’s most imaginative art directors to design our front cover. And Jeff Jank (Stones Throw records) certainly comes up with the goods in this comic book-inspired cut-up of a Strong Arm Steady/Planet Asia/J Rocc image – dope to the power of a gazillion.

Inside the magazine we delve deep into the psyche of some of the most exciting MCs of the last 20 years including the polemical Mr Lif, renaissance man Raekwon the Chef, avant-garde sound sorcerers Anti-Pop Consortium and native tongue pioneers De La Soul. As well as getting the lo-down from two of the finest purveyors of modern funk, Malcolm Catto and Dam Funk who reveals he’s “more Gary Numan” than Sly Stone. On a slightly surreal tip we speak to an animated Jamaican commando who lost his arm in a secret zombie war – it could only be party animal Major Lazer.

We also continue our theme of exploration into the art & design of music promotion speaking to Jeff Jank and closer to home,  Jonathon Cooke from Village Green, the team behind Fabric’s distinct art direction and countless album covers. Continuing on the UK angle we get down with Sheffield club kid-come-Radio 1- tastemaker Toddla T, beat boxer extraordinaire Shlomo and Task Force’s Farma G who reveals another side to the rowdy rap group.

In support of issue 03, exclusive images, interview tasters and one or two specials will be appearing online in the coming months. But with a diverse roll call of major league talent, why not check out the visuals and then head over to our online corner shop and find out what all the fuss is about by treating yourself to a copy?

Photography by Amalie Rang