Manco Wilder – There Is No Sunrise Yet To Come

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Manco Wilder, Romancing The Unknown

Underground work of the highest order has dropped this week, courtesy of elusive rap wizard Manco Wilder, emerging from obscurity with his second studio album, There Is No Sunrise Yet To Come. The 13-track album crawls deep into the psyche of an occult ink slinger who garnered praise from underground hip-hop enthusiasts for his impressive debut project, The Phantom of the Corner Store.

Wilder’s unconventional approach to storytelling has incited collaborations with fellow underground titans such as ElCamino, Eddie Kaine, billy woods, Daniel Son, Nacho Picasso, Ru$h, and many more.

Listen to Woody Guthrie featuring billy woods, from Wilder’s first long player:

Wilder fuses East Coast boom-bap and Southern rap influences with themes of affliction, authenticity, and purpose into the project. The album is made entirely with deep cuts from moody Canadian producer Pasquale who paints an atmospheric background to the album perfectly matched to Manco’s self-proclomation of being a ‘connoisseur for the obscure’.

“Big up to all the radio stations, DJs, and media outlets that keep the real underground stuff alive, and viva la Manco, you know what time it is.”


Stream and buy There Is No Sunrise Yet To Come on Bandcamp.

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