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Marlowe: Solemn Brigham’s Favourite 5 Rapper-Producer Duos

Back in 2018, producer L’Orange and lyricist Solemn Brigham unleashed their debut collaboration as Marlowe, the eponymous debut album gaining plaudits for its social commentary and no-nonsense beats and rhymes, and becoming one of the Mello Music Group label’s defining works.

Marlowe 2 seeks to continue that legacy – stream and download the album on Bandcamp.


The lyrical half of Marlowe below runs down some of his favourite rapper-producer duos for us, in light of his own contribution to the legacy with this new LP.


Solemn Brigham’s Favourite 5 Rapper-Producer Duos

For my ‘favorite five’ I’ve decided to list my favorite rapper-producer combos. With all respect to those who didn’t make this list, here are some of the duos who’ve had the biggest impact on me.

Rapsody and 9th Wonder

Coming from North Carolina I have a lot of love for what 9th Wonder has been able to build. On top of that Rapsody has always been a problem and whenever she pairs with 9th it’s always powerful. They’ve definitely influenced the sound where I’m from.

Curren$y and Alchemist

I definitely fux with Curren$y and I’ve been listening to him for a long time. Covert Coup is one of my favorite of his albums and although Alchemist can smash with just about anyone, he and Curren$y have their own sound.


Had to give it up for the legendary duo. When you step into the underground, the Madvillainy album cover is one of the first faces you should meet. Name speaks for itself.

Eric B and Rakim

I’m definitely from the school of Rakim. Many have studied and I am no different. They helped lay the foundation for rapper-producer duos and their music still pops today.

Nas and DJ Premier

Both solidified as two of the greatest, I’ve had so many highlights listening to these guys. Imma let you guys in on a secret: L’Orange put me on to NY State Of Mind back in the day when he still lived in North Carolina and I remember that moment to this day.

There’s so many honorable mentions to name so shout to every duo laying ground in the game. Much respect.

Peace n Prosper

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