Bonafide Beats

Mndsgn x Bonafide Beats #55

Mndsgn (pronounced mind design) is Stones Throw’s latest signing, and his path to one of hip-hop’s most esteemed labels has certainly not been your classic one.

Growing up in the forest to parents who were members of the Philippine arm of the Aum Supreme Truth Cult, they fled the country in the late 1980s before being granted asylum to live in New Jersey. It was on this journey to the US that Mndsn aka Ringgo Ancheta met a person who introduced him to beatmaking and, as the story goes, he was making beats the next day.

Ancheta’s album Yawn Zen draws from these experiences, with the tracks being recorded ‘in a state of bliss’, something that is in turn reflected in his Bonafide Beats mix. A sultry blend of r’n’b, soul and jazz, you could choose worse ways to slowly ease yourself into the Autumn months ahead.

Roger Webb Sound – Think Twice
Mikio Masuda – I Saw The Light
Koreatown Oddity – H2Ocean
Steve Gray – In Time
Mndsgn – Whenirealize
Leon Ware – Rockin You Eternally
Knx – 24hrs(WTT)
Tiffany Gouche – Fantasy
Dwele – Lady @ Mahogany
Ivan Ave – ToastMaster
Zeroh – Apogeo
Fluent – Quickvibe (Beat 3)
Low Leaf – Umaga
DJ Harrison – Final Level of Stashboxxx
Billy Griffin – Systematic
Turbulence – Wally Asp
Rene & Angela – My First Love
Mndsgn – Seemingly All g

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