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NAPPYNAPPA Premieres Project Heroes

ONDAMICUNDERDACOZMIKLYTZ is the new solo album by Washington, DC rapper NAPPYNAPPA, landing 11 March 2022 on Bad Taste Records.

NAPPY is integral to DC’s underground scene, and is part of the group MODEL HOME alongside Pat Cain. In the last two years alone he’s appeared on over 20 albums.

His 2020 concept album IFEELJUSTLYKTHEIRART was a deeply personal journey, delving into the post-colonial displacement of African artefacts and the ripples of this upon Black identity.

Production on this new LP comes from long-time collaborator Black Moses, as well as Pat Cain, Zac Clare, ToothChoir, Jelani Kwesi and RICTHESUPERSONIC.

Below we present a first look and listen at the single, Project Heroes. Buy and stream that right here.

“I am, to an extent, resolution oriented, that’s how I go about my music. I see something that may make me feel a certain type of way and then express how I believe we can handle it – certain harmonic laws and whatnot. I use many different things – histories, allegorical, spiritual texts, parables – to create some sort of staircase towards some angle of light that shines on a path that may bring resolution or peace to a situation.”


ONDAMICUNDERDACOZMIKLYTZ is an album where I was brought back to a mentality of looking at the universe, with the world as my microphone and stage. I just felt like expressing focally the many layers that texturize my existence.

The opening track Long Talks & Fast Drives is the introduction to my world, then every track thereafter expresses the content, and my feelings, and all that they inhabit.

The last track Oysteric Glob is a zoom out of my world, with the orb being blown away by all the listener experienced. So, I present from my mynd, body heart, soul and entirety of my vessel!”

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