Natureboy Flako and Hector Plimmer Link-Up in London

On the 8th of November two Brownswood Bubblers Alumni come together at London’s Jazz Café for a night lovingly crafted for true beat connoisseurs.

Flako (then fLako, now Natureboy Flako) returns to his old London stomping ground, his first live appearance in the UK since he relocated to Berlin several years ago. He’s moved away from the more traditional loop and clap driven creamy hip hop, finding his path veering toward the eerie, the freeform, the ethereal. All this underscored by tetris like keys and analogue synths. Now, with a focus more on feeling over thrill, a shift that he himself describes as the result of “a phase of reconnecting with myself, where I come from and who I am”, you should expect a set packed with improvisation, experimentation and a live AV show to match.

Supporting the veteran is a relative newbie who’s work is already making waves far beyond his experience should dictate. Back in March, we previewed Hector Plimmer’s debut album, Sunshine, a complexly textured offering that honestly blew us away with its exuberant percussion and trip hop sensibilities. Woah, trip hop? Yeh. That’s right. Plimmer makes trip hop a relevant term to use once again and for that alone, we should all thank the man. Sunshine has been acknowledged by many as a contender for best electronic album of the year. Lofty praise. But as the year draws to a close, its beginning to look less like a contender and more like a dead cert. It isn’t one to sleep on. Plimmer’s sets blend his own productions with selections from the full gamut of modern hip hop and electronica gold.

Sound like your kind of thing? You can buy tickets for their Jazz Café performance here.

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