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Pinch’s 5 favourite jungle tunes

Rob Ellis, aka Pinch, is an individual synonymous with the ‘dubbier’ end of dubstep. Having released music on labels as revered and diverse as Fabric, Soul Jazz and Planet Mu, not to mention his own imprint, Tectonic, Ellis is a worldy digger too and was kind enough to grace us with his 5 favourite jungle tunes.

Pinch will be performing alongside dub heavyweight Adrian Sherwood and Congo Natty at KOKO on Saturday 13th June, tickets and more details here.


J Majik – Your Sound Remix

One of my all time favourite jungle tracks, brim with deadly purpose, crashing breaks, disturbing subs and all the ingredients to shake up a sound system! Oh, and it’s got that great false drop that sounds like the record is being stopped and wound back.


Dillinja – Deep Deadly Subs

You can’t have a top 5 jungle selection without featuring at least one Dillinja track! One of the more obscure Dillinja selections, I love this one for it’s moodiness and for its use of the Reese ‘Just Another Chance’ samples (for once, not the bassline!).


DJ Die – Reincarnations

Always loved Die’s simple rolling rhythmical workouts! Here’s one of my personal favourite Die tracks, a kind of voodoo spooky trip with plenty of magical sprinkles.


Krust – Set Speed

Another rolling Bristol classic from fellow Full Cycle crew member Krust, also joining myself and Sherwood on the bill at Koko on June 13th. Anthem.


Shimon & Andy C – Quest

Some Essex style riddim now! Everyone knows this one, it’s hardly a deep crate dig, but a real quality classic nonetheless. All about the shimmering bassline – makes for a great mixing tool as well.

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