Premiere: Hector Plimmer – Sunshine (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix)

Affiliated with contemporary luminaries from Floating Points to Brownswood, the upward trajectory of Hector Plimmer has been speedy yet tastefully understated. Filed alongside the likes of Bambooman for their experimental approach to sonic design, keen Bonafide readers will no doubt understand the esteem we hold for him from our gushy past coverage.

As we come up on a year since Sunshine’s initial release, label Albert’s Favourites has presented us with a collection of remixes and reinterpretations that run the gamut of contemporary and jazz influenced approaches to tonal mood. It’s straight up lovely. Featuring Ninja Tune’s Sarathy Korwar, Elsa Hewitt, and lo-fi post punk group Drahla alongside a host of other talents.

Today we bring you a first taste of Sunshine Remixed, premiering a Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix of the title track. The original version of Sunshine, a melancholic “landscape of shapes and scenes under a sad sun”, features mellow vocals from And Is Phi, a singer whose voice and poetics seem to reach unobtrusively into your soul from the get go.



Hector Plimmer, speaking to Bonafide, described the collaborative process of making the original as “beautifully organic” – the vocal you hear is the first take and was done straight through. And Is Phi put the words together in response to the atmosphere of the instrumental, describing it as “like being embraced but not having the ability to really feel it, and take that warmth in”.

   Omas Mamode’s remix keeps this symbiotic contrast of tenderness and shadow that characterises the feel of the original. Adding his brand of syncopated drum lines and a chilled funk swagger, he opts to distract us from fully discerning And Is Phi’s lyrics, forcing the aural focus of the listener to the emotive tones of her vocal instrument.


Check it above and pre-order here.

Listen to Reginald Omas Mamode IV’s stellar Bonafide Beats mix.

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