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Premiere: New Music from Spectacular Diagnostics with 5 Spectacular Influences

Having recently produced Kid Acne‘s Have A Word LP on Lex Records and appeared on the second volume of Gangster Doodles on All City Records (with the likes of M.E.D. and Black Milk), Chicago-based Spectacular Diagnostics is ready to throw down with his solo album, Ancient Methods.

Armand Hammer‘s billy woods and ELUCID, plus Nosaj (of New Kingdom) lend their wisdom to the album.

“To me, the term ‘ancient methods’ is a reference to my process,” says Robert Krums a.k.a. Spectacular Diagnostics. “I still primarily sample from vinyl and physically dig for records. Even all the movie dialogue. So in some ways, I feel like a dinosaur in the way I work and approach my creative process.”

Spectacular Diagnostics

With the back sleeve of the record featuring a short story by media archaeologist and poet Brian Michael Murphy inspired by the music, narrative is paramount with this project. “Ancient Methods feels like the full evolution of my sound and my ability to craft a seamless record that tells a story,” adds Krums. “With that said, getting Armand Hammer and Nosaj as the guests set the tone. Their skill level and years mastering their craft is pretty untouchable.”

Below, Krums has been kind enough to select five spectacular examples of influences on his own sound – plus, we have an exclusive album preview, including an early listen to new single Yellow.Plates, which drops Wednesday 3rd November.

Ancient Methods drops November 26th on Amsterdam-based label Rucksack Records on vinyl and all digital platforms. Find it on Bandcamp here.

Del the Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One

The cello gives me goosebumps. This track was a soundtrack playing in my head skateboarding in high school, imagining I was much cooler than in actuality.

Raimonds Pauls – Sister Carrie

The Latvian Quincy Jones!

Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

I love moody songs. The atmosphere and reverb of this track is so intense. It’s definitely bled into my reverb heavy mixes.

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon 

A perfect artist. When I first started digging and learning more about jazz, funk, hip hop, and sampling history, Herbie’s work stood out like a crown jewel.

Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

I had never heard music like this before in my life. And I’m sure I wasn’t alone. This made me want to learn how to make beats.

And here’s a preview of some album tracks, including the next single Yellow.Plates.


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