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Premiere: Pugs Atomz and Inkswel Hook Up for 4am Burners

Chicago rap veteran, radio host, designer and muralist Pugs Atomz hooked up with prolific Australian producer Inkswel over Instagram, where the two planned to work on a couple of tracks together after discovering a mutual appreciation of each others’ work.

Growing into a fully-fledged album as the two found their groove over a year or so, below we premiere the single 4am Burners featuring Wes Restless.

Released on the renowned Sonar Kollektiv label (originated by Jazzanova), upcoming album The Moon comfortably pushes the boundaries of familiar hip hop sounds, as to be expected from a producer who comfortably jumps across genres and a seasoned lyricist who flourishes in collaboration.

Pre-order the LP on vinyl, cassette and digital, before its release date 24 April 2020, over on Bandcamp.









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