Premiere: Rich Garvey – Oynx Gemstone EP

Working with fellow Minneapolan beat maker Ackryte, Rich Garvey’s Onyx Gemstone EP is a solid sophomore release. Five tracks built on smooth boom bap with samples arranged like a collage. Sonically, it can easily be compared to Nehruvia era Bishop Nehru, and shows the same promise for the future, marking Garvey as a new school student of the old school. One to keep both eyes on he continues to excel.

If Onyx Gemstone isn’t your first experience of Rich Garvey, you’d be forgiven for feeling that he is holding something back. The Liberian born rapper seems almost too comfortable, too calm. It’s certainly a pace switch up from 2016’s Man of the People, a frenetic high energy release that seemed designed for the purpose of stating ‘I am here and this is who I am’. On Onyx, it is clear the Garvey has taken the onus off forging a name for himself and relaxed into place where developing his sound takes the focus.

Throughout the EP Garvey alternates between the sensual and the poignant. This allows him to display both his intricate lyricism as well as give a real glimpse of who he is as an artist. You can easily hear an expansive variety of hip hop influences old and new in his output.

Today, along with the EP in full, we premiere Raindrops. A standout example of this, conjuring scenes of first loves framed as fuzzy 8mm home videos and hazy days looking out the window as the heavens open up.

Find Rich Garvey on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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