Music Premiere

Premiere: Savannah Lancaster and DJ Platurn Collaborate As SUNDUR

Taking their name from the Icelandic word meaning ‘apart’, SUNDUR is the final product of an experiment between two artists who deliberately brought separate creative processes to the table.

DJ Platurn (living in the Bay Area, via Iceland) and Savannah Lancaster (Filipina based in LA) wanted to do something different.

“SUNDUR didn’t necessarily start as one linear vision,” explains Platurn. “The aim was to make mellow mood music but not necessarily of a specific genre. From the beginning, we had a mutual understanding of the importance of letting these songs come to life organically'”

The pair worked on songs one layer at time. The result is 12 tracks of reflective resilience, an ode to what humanity’s gone through in 2020 and beyond.

Listen to the single Heart of Stone, with guest Adam Theis (of Jazz Mafia), below. The album Somewhere There’s Music is out on June 4th, 2021.