Music Premiere

Premiere: The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton, The Saxsquatch – Requez

The esteemed Mello Music Group is about to drop a new long player named Tri Magi from The Lasso, a producer dedicated to providing diverse and creative musical landscapes that welcome the voices of collaborating musicians.

Cue The Saxsquatch and Jordan Hamilton. The former flexes a plethora of influences into a singular, beastly style while the latter is a cellist equally at home performing Bach, Chich Corea or a Drake topline.

“Our goal as an ensemble is to create new fusions and discover unique intersections,” reflects The Lasso. “Footwork percussion, stabs of Juno chords, and big band stacks of sax and cello highlight this proprietary blend of jazz and electronic music.” 

Below we present Requez, the second track on the album. The Saxsquatch expands: “Requez exemplifies the interactivity of Tri Magi as players, as producers, and as a concept brought to life. This track, like many others on the record, takes you to another dimension and brings you back home, and in just over two minutes time.” 

Pre-order the album Tri Magi, out July 16.

Photography credit: John Mark Hanson