Watch: Eric Lau, Kidkanevil, Tall Black Guy and Mr Thing make beats for Record Store Day

For many record collectors out there, Record Store Day is a really great day. And as record sales implode exponentially, especially in the past few years, we’re seeing more and more exciting things happen to celebrate it. This applies to our friends at First Word Records, an independent label based on the foundation of “jazzy hip-hop” but represents artists of soul, funk and beats.

Last year for their first RSD release, Nothing Leaves The House, we saw Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy and Kidkanevil visit Mr Thing‘s collection to sample his records (where nothing could leave the house.) This year the concept was slightly altered, and Mr Thing brought one record from his collection for each producer to sample. The trio in turn picked a record each from London’s Love Vinyl, where they gathered, for him to sample and create a beat.

The result is a four track record that is born out of a love for records, Thing Leaves The House.

Watch the mini-doc below.

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