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Reginald Omas Mamode IV x Bonafide Beats #92

One of the core members of 22a, a crew who have been responsible for arguably the most important and interesting musical movement in the past two years in London, Reginald Omas Mamode IV has a lot to be proud of.

Along with Jeen Bassa, Mo Kolours, Tenderlonious and by extension Henry Wu, K15, Ruby Rushton and more, the capital’s jazz scene has undergone a dramatic resurgence that has been in tandem with a similar rebirth across the water in America, leading to many journalists heralding this as the new golden era of jazz.

That’s not to say that Reginald or 22a’s sound is strictly jazz though. They take as much influence from Dilla as they do from Hancock, with their dusty instrumental grooves, as seen at their label takeover show at the Jazz Cafe back in May.

True to form, Reggie has provided a mix for us that catalogues all that is well and good in the 22a camp at the moment, and on his brand new, self-titled album, he had the following to say:

“Nowadays music seems to be used more as a crutch for humanity.. Most people seem to have forgotten it’s a life blood of our species. The natural rhythms of our hearts beating and the melodic instrument ‘the voice’ gifted to us at birth, are some physical examples of how inherent music is within our being. We all need this thing we call music. Just as all our ancestors did.”

Intro – Fulani
Joao Donato- Cala
James ‘Creole’ Thomas- Lead By No One
Al Dobson Jr – Lemon There
Tim Maia – Ela Partiu
Jeen Bassa – I Can Change Now
James ‘Creole’ Thomas – No Need to Wait
Mo Kolours – Untitled Fonk
Norman Connors – Revelat
Steve Spacek – 3Hrs of Fun
Jeen Bassa – You Remember

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