Dagha - The DivorceDagha
The Divorce
Lewis Recordings

Edan’s partner in ryhme, Dagha, follows his debut album Object in Motion with an autobiographical LP. Dispensing with the psychedelic riffs he undertakes with the Humble Magnificant, Dagha mines his own experience of the pitfalls of trying to be both musician and lover.

With the day job of being an MC involving touring, keeping un-social hours and not neccessarily guaranteeing a living wage, Dagha explores how this has impacted, strained and dissolved relationships.


Laced with blues and scratchy jazz samples and obscure film dialogue, Dagha manages to pulls off a nice balance between being world beaten and detached enough to provide some sharp, witty insights. Thankfully he avoids any of the cod-pathos and angst that a young indie band would attempt inject into such subject matter. The result is an enjoyable, adult hip-hop album.

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