Secretsundaze’s 5 favourite end of the night tunes

No one quite does parties like James Priestley and Giles Smith. As secretsundaze, they have redefined clubbing culture in the capital through their now iconic Sunday sessions (and matching cartoon artwork) which began all the way back at 93 Feet East fourteen years ago.

Fast forward through to 2015, and the duo have positioned themselves as leading tastemakers in the dance community, having welcomed the great and the good of the house and techno spectrum to the capital over the years. Community is the operative word here; Priestley and Smith’s parties always have a welcoming and warm feel to them, with consistently excellent music to boot.

Their bank holiday special on Sunday 24th May 2015 at Studio 338 sees Martyn, Delano Smith, Jeremy Underground, Florian Kupfer, Mr Beatnick and Nummer all join Priestley and Smith behind the controls, and to mark the occasion we asked the promoters to select the tracks they reach for at the end of their epic parties.


Larry Heard – The Saga of the Evil Queen
Giles: This was the last track included on my mix on secretsundaze Volume 1 in 2007. It meant a lot to me include this as i’d lived with the track for 10 years. I remember the day i bought it while at University in Leeds in 1997 and was just totally mesmerised by it. Those chords! It was a complete theme tune of mine and would play it relentlessly as a last track at the party in the early years at the likes of The Poet. One of the more technoey and futuristic Larry Heard tracks. The energy really picks up about 2 minutes in when those hats start firing.


Claro Intelecto – Peace of Mind
James: Mark Stewart aka Claro Intelecto is a genius and a production power house. This track is one of his more peak time moments and despite the energy he still manages to squeeze out so much emotion in the track. It of course came out on AI records in the early 2000’s and then was re-issued by Delsin of course a few years ago. Particularly remember dropping it at our party at Sónar four years ago to much madness.


Marvin Dash – Montanna’s Bodega
Giles: Marvin Dash is up there with my favourite producers and I have most of what he has put out. This might surprise some as a last track suggestion but if you wanna get deep at the end rather than euphoric it can really get to people programmed in the right way. Manages to straddle gnarly/seedy and beautiful and atmospheric at the same time.


Theo Parrish – Chemistry
James: Could chose many Theo Parrish tracks but this has been getting some airing again of late. Its just life affirming, glorious music and with the male and female kinda ad lib vocals piping up it feels like a live studio jam.


Mondee Oliver – Make Me Want You
Giles: Just a very sweet and very classy vocal and groove. Sung by the glamourous and sadly departed Mondee Oliver. Now about £80 for a mint copy on Discogs. I distinctly remember playing this at my first Panorama bar gig about 8 years or so back and getting some blinds action!

You can buy tickets for the secretsundaze day and night bank holiday special here.

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