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Sir Froderick x Bonafide Beats #46

Hot on the heels of our interview with Sir Froderick, comes the latest Bonafide Beats mixtape. Entitled LA Meltdown, Bonafide Beats #46 is an introduction to Sir Froderick’s production skills and penchant for interrupted grooves and stop-start style that distorts the music and keeps the listener interested.

As Sir Frod puts it: “To be honest with you about the interrupted grooves I feel like Im just keeping the listener tuned in…so when it switches up it just me getting bored or me having ADD. When I do label releases is when I really take time on sound arrangements.”

As the title of the Sir Froderick mix indicates, this all about acknowledging and celebrating LA’s beat makers and modern soul makers. Nestled between Sir Frodericks own productions – Bibio Loop and Messin With My Brain House KILL it – are a mix of established, upcoming and new names. Highlights include Ras G’s intense and futuristic One For Kutmah which rocks the cranium, impressive soulful cuts from Myron and E and The Internet, and the theatrical sweeps of Blum’s fantastic and future cult classic I’ll Always Be In Your Heart.

LA Meltdown is the vibrant sound of unshackled music going off on all directions. This is exciting music people and you’d be a fool to ignore it.

Sir Froderick x Bonafide Beats #46 : LA Meltdown mix

Sir Froderick x Bonafide Beats #46 by Bonafide_Magazine on Mixcloud

The Stepkids – Brutal Honest
Ras G – One for Kutmah
Sir Froderick – Bibio Loop
Sir Froderick – Quadron Loop
Sir Froderick – Messin With My Brain House
Mryon and E – Everyday Love
The Internet – Dontcha
Sango – Trust Me
Blum – I’ll Always Be In Your Heart
Devnonwho- Cactus
Sasac – DMX
Sir Froderick – Mayer Hawthorne Loop
Azymuth – V O Sobre O
Horizonte Ahnnu – Non2

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