SNAPS: Ableton Loop Summit 2017

‘A summit for music-makers’ is how Ableton describe this annual weekend of modular fun and electronic experimentation. And hats off to them for actually delivering; Loop really is all about the music and helping those who love creating it.

Guided by talks and workshops from industry experts and performers, roughly a thousand audio obsessed singers, producers and engineers mingled in harmony and shared ideas whilst geeking out in the various rooms of the truly eye-widening Funkhaus; a cavernous former GDR broadcasting facility on the outskirts of Berlin. It’s possibly one of the largest buildings we can remember setting foot in, with an atmosphere of moody post-industrial gloom that’s perfect for the occasion.

Our picks: Goldie in conversation, the psychedelic headfuckery of Sculptures Slow-o-trope in Polymedia studio and the audio/visual installation 3Destruct by ANTIVJ (see main image)

Here are the other highlights in pictures.

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