Squarepusher Unveils Dazzling New Video for Terminal Slam

The video for Squarepusher’s new single Terminal Slam just got its first play today at 00:00 on the 30th January on one of the huge TV screens that populate Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, probably the most recognisable intersection in Japan and thought to be the busiest in the world.

Terminal Slam, is set in a very near-future Tokyo and sees a young protagonist don augmented reality glasses to subvert and corrupt the barrage of commercial advertising. One of the many highlights on Squarepusher’s celebrated upcoming album, ‘Be Up a Hello’, this new single piles on the acid breaks at huge velocity designed for the most hectic of dancefloors and was matched perfectly by the frenetic, collapsing dystopian world created.

The video was directed by Squarepusher’s long-time collaborator, Daito Manabe. He is one of the directors and founders of Rhizomatiks, Japan’s world-renowned artists, programmers and DJs who have collaborated with a variety of domestic and international artists.

Squarepusher’s new album, Be Up A Hello is released this Friday via Warp

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