Record straight onto your laptop with the portable Dilla Turntable

True record diggers will know the value of investing in a portable turntable. Not only does it make test listening possible when you go to that tiny, out-of-the-way record store whose owner grunts a ‘no’ when you ask if you can listen before you buy, there’s no waiting around until the next turntable is free, or trying to get through a stack with someone else breathing down your neck. Now, The Estate of James Yancey has released this J Dilla-themed turntable, complete with transcription software so you can record samples straight onto your computer.

Available for £199.99 from Rap and Soul, it contains an exclusive 7-inch single: The Sickness by J Dilla feat. Nas, produced by Madlib, which is available only with this package. It also functions as a stand-alone record player and can plug into any stereo system that accepts USB or an RCA jack. There’s a 1.8″ headphone jack, full range stereo speakers, and a 45 adaptor. The design and artwork are by Mason London, art director at Boiler Room and all-round illustration extraordinaire.

Three-speed turntable (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM)
7-inch vinyl of The Sickness
USB and RCA outputs
1.8″ headphone jack + stereo speakers
45 adapter and replacement stylus
Transcription software disc


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