Tom Trago’s 5 favourite movie scores

Tom Trago‘s musical world is all encompassing. His position as one of Europe’s front line DJ’s have included running the esteemed label Rush Hour Recordings from a little shop in Amsterdam, producing extensively and now touring globally with his live show. At the forefront of a Dutch dance music scene that has peaked in recent years with the popularity of Dekmantel Festival, Trago’s position has never been held in higher regard as an auteur for emotional house and disco music.

Before his set at Mint Festival in Leeds this weekend we asked him to choose a topic for his 5 favourite feature and he naturally went for film scores, a nice example of his tastes as an artist that can range from Ghostbusters to Scarface in the same list. Read on.


Blade Runner
This whole film and soundtrack blew my mind but also introduced me to Vangelis at a very young age. It was of the first times in my life I was wondered where these sound came from. By digging deeper into housework I learned a lot about ambient compositions and synthesis.


Brown Bunny
This one I found very interesting because of the beautiful repetitive guitar playing but mostly the reversed guitar effect. I remember I went to the store straight next day to buy myself an reverse reverb/echo pedal, which still I find very inspiring toys.


I think this is the first song I could sing along to. I loved this movie and soundtrack so much when I was young, I just found it again on cassette and the whole tape was worn out so many times I listened to it. Also it introduced me to Ray Parker Jr which later on influenced me working with synths.


I was always an big fan of Giorgio Moroder his works, but for a long time I did not know he wrote this scarface song. It’s so epic and dramatic, it fits the movie very well I think.


As a pianist myself this is a work of art which puts tears in my eyes.

Tom Trago plays at Mint Festival this weekend. Head here for more info.

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